K9 Krewe Policies

Communication Policy
Business communications between K9 Krewe and clients must be executed through the following methods only:

1) Phone calls/voicemail (preferred and receive the quickest responses)

2) In-person

3) Written Correspondence sent thru LeashTime (must be logged in). Following the initial email that you sent us with the info required for setting up your LeashTime account, ALL FUTURE written communication regarding business topics such as questions about services, schedule/service requests, general messages, updates regarding your pets/home, and similar business related matters MUST BE submitted thru your LeashTime account. (Please do NOT attempt to send us messages us via your email or text message service provider; they will NOT be accepted.)

The reason that we only accept written correspondence from clients and their representatives via LEASHTIME is because it simplifies and streamlines the record keeping process; LeashTime automatically adds a record of the message to your account (sent and received messages).
When we send you a schedule, general message, or statement, it is all done while we are logged in on LeashTime. If at anytime you have questions or concerns, we will happily assist you via any of the three above methods. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation

All reservation requests for services must be submitted by you via LeashTime.

Profile changes /updates, special instructions, and notifications of temporary changes or situations must be submitted by you via LeashTime. Please do not leave notes or instructions in your home as they will be disregarded.The information and instructions that you’ve submitted through LeashTime is what your sitter/walker will follow.

We may periodically post a photo or video update on your pet(s) on our Facebook page. Please “like” our page and visit often! Comments on our posts are welcomed and encouraged! You may also give us a call if you would like to hear an update on what your pet has been up too during your absence.

Before logging into LeashTime for the first time, please make sure to fully read our Mobile Grooming Agreement. During the process of completing registration in LeashTime, all clients will be prompted to agree to our service agreement. The terms and conditions of our Mobile Grooming Agreement are included as part of the service agreement, and apply to clients as soon as a mobile grooming appointment is scheduled.
Mobile Grooming Agreement: http://tinyurl.com/Mobile-Grooming-Agreement-Pol

When Mobile Grooming clients are initially entering their information into their profile on LeashTime: If you are solely interested in using K9 Krewe’s mobile grooming services and have no intentions of using our other services such as pet sitting or dog walking, simply enter “NA” into all sections that are irrelevant as a mobile grooming client only.

Cancelation Policies

With each reservation, we make a commitment to you, the client, to provide the requested services on the reserved dates. As a result, other clients’ reservation requests may be turned away. Refunds or credits will only be honored if cancellations are made prior to the time frames listed below. Pre-payment in full secures Pet Sitting, Recess, and Walk-N-Play reservations that are to begin within 30 days

– Canceling a Mobile Grooming Appointment: Visit the following link for details on our mobile grooming appointment cancelation policy: http://tinyurl.com/Mobile-Grooming-Agreement-Pol

– Canceling Overnight Stay Pet Sitting:

Cancelations made 30 days or less before the start date of the reserved Overnight Stay Pet Sitting: NO refunds or credits.

– Canceling Non-Overnight Pet Sitting and Recess Visits:

1) Except for holiday season dates, cancelations made 14 days or less before the start date of the reserved Non-Overnight Pet Sitting/Recess Visits: NO refunds or credits.

2) Holiday season dates: cancelations made 30 or less days before the start date of the reserved Non-Overnight Pet Sitting/Recess Visits: NO refunds or credits.

– Canceling Walk-N-Play Sessions:

1) Except for holiday season dates, cancelations made 3 business days or less before the date of the scheduled Walk-N-Play Session: NO refunds or credits.

2) Holiday season dates: Walk-N-Play cancelations made 14 or fewer days before the session date of the scheduled Walk-N-Play session: NO refunds or credits.

– Canceling Adventure Daycare:

1) Except for holiday season dates, cancelations made 7 business days or less before the scheduled date of service : NO refunds or credits.

2) Holiday season dates: Adventure Daycare cancelations made 14 or fewer days before the scheduled date of service: NO refunds or credits.

Safe Arrival Home Confirmation Policy

To ensure that your pets receive the necessary care beyond the last scheduled visit, K9 Krewe requires that clients confirm their safe arrival home after each trip.

AS SOON AS client arrives safely at their home, they must confirm their arrival by calling K9 Krewe at 225-364-9247, regardless of the time, night or day. In the event that K9 Krewe is unable to answer the call, clients are to leave a voicemail stating that they’ve arrived safely at their home. Text messages and emails are NOT accepted. Unless we hear from the client or someone on his/her behalf at least one hour before the start time of when the next visit would be needed (based on the same interval & frequency of visits that were originally scheduled), visits will continue and client will be billed for all additional visits made.
Last Minute Service Request Policy

Last minute service requests must submitted by the client by logging into LeashTime. However, an additional step is required if you are submitting a request for services that are need to begin within seven days of the request date:  clients must call us to confirm once their online request has been submitted. We ask this simply to give clients as much time as possible to make other arrangements, in the event that we are booked up, or otherwise unavailable.